Writing Research Papers

A research proposal may either be scientific or academic. Procedures for writing research papers are dependent on field of study. They contain expansive literature review, in order to convince reviewers the need for the research to be conducted and therefore support it. For example when one is studying for a doctorate degree, before conducting the research, it is a requirement that the candidate submit a research proposal that is examined by a board of experts before proceeding. The elements of a research proposal are : The introduction that gives a framework of the research, it gives a background information for the research in order for the reader to be able to understand. The next portion is the rationale behind the research essay. Where is the gap in literature and how does the research fill that gap. The Objectives or purpose of the study should be stated clearly in a research proposal. It should be clearly stated so that the reader may understand what exactly is to be tackled. It is a very specific segment of the research proposal and may lead to acceptance or rejection of a study.

A good research proposal should have a well written literature review; it shows that the writer is knowledgeable about the subject. Research question to be answered by the findings of the study should be put across clearly. The final segment of the research proposal includes the methods to be used in the research and a proposal of how sampling is to be done. The proposal should indicate how data collected is to be analyzed and what statistics will be used. References should not be left out at the very end of the proposal. The appendix usually consists of a proposed budget for the custom case study.

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